Laptop open on desk with code on screen.
Laptop open on desk with code on screen.
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If you’ve been following along, you know I’m a huge fan of Tailwind CSS. And a pretty early adopter. I’ve documented my first week (v0.1.4) and my first year (v0.6) with it.

This week Tailwind 2.0 comes out and I just thought I’d give an update on where I stand with it.

I still love it.

I’ve been using it for each project I’ve done since it’s release in 2017. I haven’t touched another framework or written my own CSS (outside of a few custom bits here and there within Tailwind) and it’s been great. …

A year-ish ago I started using TailwindCSS from Adam Wathan. If you haven’t heard of it, you might want to check out my previous post, A Week With Tailwind in which I cover my first week with Tailwind. I’m not good at naming things.

Now that it’s been out a year, I figured I’d do a follow up post and let everyone know that, yes, I’m still using Tailwind. It has found its way into every project we do here at Alara. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple Statamic brochure site or a more sophisticated Laravel or Nuxt site…

or The One Where She Goes to the Bar

Author’s Note: The following is a sample chapter from the book I am currently working on. It’s in a very rough form and this chapter currently exists on its own. I haven’t written any of the scenes before or after this, save the prologue, epilogue and a smattering of the first chapter. As I was constructing my outline, this scene popped into my head, quite fully realized. As it is very much a stand-alone scene, I thought I’d share it with the world, just to see what came of it. Love it or hate it, please leave me a comment…

This writing assumes you are currently up-to-date on the life and times of Luke and all his pals. In other words, if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi, go watch all the movies and then come back to read this. It’s a lot of homework, I know, but trust me, they’re worth it.

“Reclaimed” from

For the last forty years, pastors at the pulpit, film reviewers wanting to sound deep, and armchair theologians have been trying to shoehorn a Christian message into Star Wars. As Christians we love to find hidden messages in the pop culture we absorb, and it doesn’t really…

This writing assumes you are currently up-to-date on the life and times of Luke and all his pals. In other words, if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi, go watch all the movies and then come back to read this. It’s a lot of homework, I know, but trust me, it’s worth it.

I bet he’ll either take a few swings with it, or give it back. One thing he won’t do: throw it over his shoulder…

Not Fade Away

When I left The Last Jedi, I had no problem with Luke’s character arc. When I got on Facebook, however, I realized I was in the minority. Apparently no one liked the fact that he just faded away instead of going out in a blaze of glory…

Photo by Émile Perron on Unsplash

UPDATE: I’ve been using Tailwind for over a year now. I have updated thoughts!

Since Tailwind came out last week, I’ve been using it to build a site for a client. I know it’s still very early (it’s currently at 0.1.4 as of this writing), but what better way to learn something new than to use it in real life?

If you haven’t heard of Tailwind yet, I highly recommend you go check out the intro and the docs. It’s a bit different in its approach to markup, and that really throws a lot of people off. …

Gremlins 2 © Amblin Entertainment & Warner Bros

A friend recently got a new MacBookPro and asked me for some advice with it. Of course I immediately told her the three cardinal rules:

  1. No bright light. The glare from the sun on the monitor is a killer. Also, don’t leave it in the sun, it might overheat.
  2. Don’t feed it after midnight, no matter how much it begs. It’s late. You need your rest. Turn it off and go to sleep. Can’t sleep? Read a book until you wake up the next morning with a drool stained book over your face.
  3. Don’t get it wet. This one is…

At the beginning of the year I sent out a company-wide email (There are four of us here, so it wasn’t really all that wide.). We were just coming off the stress of getting through the work that had piled up while we were out and needed a bit of levity. Fortunately everyone got a kick out of it. So I wrote several more and sent them out over the next couple of weeks. I’ve been encouraged to share them with everyone, and well, you’re everyone. I start off each email with the phrase ‘Hey Gang…’, so they have been…

Lens flare optional

I’m currently trying to sell my car. I’m telling you this not so you’d buy it (though you’re certainly welcome to) but because I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on the ad I posted. Since it was an exercise in writing — and Medium seems to encourage such things — I have decided to share it here with you.

Just imagine it, you’re driving down the interstate. The wind is attempting to blow through your hair, but it’s stopped by the electric windows, which have been rolled up at the ease of a button.

Your phone is connected…

or How to Survive on 10 GB a Month

I ran out of internet today.

At least that’s what it feels like when I’ve hit my monthly bandwidth limit. If that leaves you scratching your head picturing AOL startup discs, you’re not alone.

Some backstory. I moved away from the city in 2006 and went back to the small Texas town I grew up in. I knew what I was getting into, no pizza delivery, no quick runs to the store, no corner coffee shop. What I didn’t know, was that the house I bought lived in an area that isn’t serviced by the local telephone co-op. The same co-op who ran fiber to all…

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